?Lead developer in Angular/NodeJS at LDLC

  • Built a web app with Angular 7 for LDLC shops to sell and manage their stock
  • Developed a hybrid mobile app on Android and iOS with Ionic and Angular 7 to allow shops to do an inventory of their shop's stock
  • Embedded a web app inside a software thanks to Electron to allow this web app to communicate with a payment terminal


?JavaScript core developer at Bootstrap

  • Rewrite Bootstrap without jQuery in our v5
  • Running our unit tests in differents browsers and smartphones thanks to BrowserStack
  • Fixed several security issues


2017Java JEE developer for SII

  • Carrefour: Worked on CARLA logistic suite
  • Orange Business: Worked on a software to manage room access for Orange


2016PHP/JavaScript developer at Interactiv' Technologies

  • Built an API to communicate with a native mobile app
  • Worked on creating an HTML5 viewer to read PDF